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Annapolis Md. – Exterior Window Tinting – Skylights are great for allowing natural light into large open spaces.  Unfortunately, they are also a source of heat gain and glare,  and they expose occupants to dangerous UV rays.  That was the case at this property in Annapolis Md.  The patrons and the vendors complained of “sun burn” and extreme heat build up below this large glass area.  XLNT Tint of Mid Atlantic proposed a solution using an exterior film application to reduce heat gain and reject UV.  The results achieved were dramatic.  Temperatures immediately dropped and the complaints ended.


Exterior window film is designed to withstand harsh conditions.  They often have a silver appearance though they are available in a variety of colors.  Exterior window films maximize heat rejection by reducing the build up the heat between insulated glass panes.  These films are available in a variety of VLT’s.  Whether maximum heat rejection is the goal or performance and maximum light penetration is desired, XLNT Tint can recommend a film to meet your needs.

The advantages of using window film on residential homes and commercial businesses are beyond counting. Unfortunately, most homeowners and business professionals don’t consider the vast array of benefits tinting windows can produce until the damage from UV rays and solar energy has already damaged personal items and raised energy bills. By thinking ahead, you could save a bundle in energy and replacement items that have suffered sun damage. Because UV rays can cause so much detriment to property and personal health, you should seriously consider tinting the windows of your home or work place. We utilize advanced technology in window tinting to decrease solar exposure and UV radiation. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, our knowledgeable and committed staff will work tirelessly to give your home or business the best in window film design and installation.

XLNT Tint has been installing window film nationally since 1988.  More information about Exterior Window Films can be obtained by contacting XLNT Tint at 410-257-5511.