How We Tint Automotive

Step 1: At Xlnt Tint we use a highly advanced Computer Plotter to precisely cut every pattern of window film with laser accuracy for your vehicle.

Step 2: All of the door panels are protected with a 2 mil. protective liner ensuring that the mounting solution used to install the film will not stain your interior.

Step 3: Every window will go through a rigorous four stage preparation process to make absolutely certain there is no contamination prior to installing your new window film.

Step 4: Your vehicle is tinted in our auto bay.  We try our best to keep a clean environment.  We do not tint in a “white box room”

Step 5: After the film is mounted and aligned, we squeegee out the mounting solution.

At Xlnt Tint a special procedure called “Beveling” is used which is the art of tinting the window to the absolute top portion of the glass not leaving ANY gaps. This service is an extra cost.