Baltimore Md. – 3M Prestige Film for Government Building

Eric Hofer Prestige Window Film, Sun Control Window Film

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Baltimore Md. – 3M Prestige Film was specified for the renovation of a government building to replace existing film.  The selection of the film was based on the need for improved lighting conditions while reducing Solar Heat Gain.  The 3M Prestige Film selected reduces Infrared Heat by 97% while allowing 50% visible light to pass through.

The installation of these 3M Prestige Films involved some difficult ladder work through ceilings and rafters.  Fortunately, the crew at Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic is accustomed to difficult installations, and the results were outstanding!

3M Prestige Window Films are constructed using a patented design that virtually eliminates damaging UV rays and Infrared Heat from the Sun.  These technologically advanced films are designed to reduce glare and improve the performance of all windows.

XLNT Tint Window Tinting of Owings, MD has provided installation of window tinting for homes and commercial buildings throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area for more than 20 years.  Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic Features 3M Window Films

Our window film is attractive, durable and energy efficient, reflecting solar energy heat in summer and keeping in heat in the winter.

Glass window film also reduces glare, blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, increases privacy and provides added security against break-in, vandalism and graffiti.

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