Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic is an approved installer of Energy Saving window film by all the regional energy companies (Pepco, BGE, SMECO, Dominion).  We have successfully applied for and received nearly $1MM in rebates for our customers.  Xlnt Tint handles all the necessary steps to get your rebate processed:

  1. Estimating and determining the correct window film application for your building
  2. Building an energy model using DOE energy software to determine the savings in KW Demand, KWH’s and dollars
  3. Submitting the application for the window film project to the Energy Company
  4. Working with the energy company to ensure timely processing of the application.
  5. Project management to ensure all necessary steps are taken so the Energy Company approves the final product
  6. Final walk through
  7. Disbursement of the rebate to the customer.

Many other companies do not provide this level of service.  At Xlnt Tint, it is our pleasure to handle all the details necessary to get your company the rebate it deserves!!!

Contact Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic to set up your free building evaluation and to get your application process started!!!