Deale Md. – Marine Window Tinting reduces heat and glare!!!

Eric Hofer Marine Window Tinting, Solar Film

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Finished Product!!!

Deale Md. – Marine Window Tinting – What do you do when sitting inside your fishing boat makes you feel like you are in a FISH BOWL?  TINT IT!!!!!  This Deale Md. Boat owner was fed up with baking in the sun and getting no privacy.  He also complained of glare and difficulty navigating in the sun.  XLNT Tint proposed a solution where darker films were used on the sides of the boat and lighter, heat rejecting films were used for the front and rear.  The result?  a 15 degree drop in the temperature inside the cabin and an area where the owner can relax when at the dock and enjoy privacy and comfort.

When selecting films for Marine window tinting use it is critical they be free of metals.  Metal films corrode in salt water.  Carbon and Ceramic films are the best choice as used on this BAY BEAUTY!!!!!

When asked about the marine window tinting results the owner replied, ” I have had this boat for 3 years and I wish I did this from day 1!  what a difference the window film makes.  I cant wait to show the others at the marina!”.


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XLNT Tint Window Tinting of Owings, MD has provided installation of window tinting for homes and commercial buildings throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area for more than 20 years.

Our window film is attractive, durable and energy efficient, reflecting solar energy heat in summer and keeping in heat in the winter.

Glass window film also reduces glare, blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, increases privacy and provides added security against break-in, vandalism and graffiti.

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