Gaithersburg Md. office building removes old window tint and replaces with new LOW E window film!!!!

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When replacement of old deteriorated window film was required by Camson Construction in Gaithersburg Md., Xlnt Tint was called to do the job.  Older window films did not have the same UV protection that todays film have.  Over time, they lose their heat rejecting power and deteriorate.  Removal can be difficult but once the new film is applied, the windows regain their ability to reject heat.  Since the office building had older single pane glass with no heat retaining coating, Camson Construction decided to use Low Ewindow film to improve the winter performance of their windows.  Call Xlnt Tint of Owings Md at 410-257-5511 for more information about replacing old window film and Low E window tinting.

Difficult Removal