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Laurel Md – Residential Window Tinting!!! 2 families in Laurel elected to have Energy Saving Ceramic Residential Window Film (Huper Optik C-35) installed on their homes on the same day!!  The homeowners were experiencing heat buildup and were concerned about fading their wood floors and carpets.  The window films they selected allowed them to maintain their impeccable view of their properties while reducing UV by 99.9% and allowing ample light to transmit into their homes.  When asked why they chose Xlnt Tint Window Tinting, the homeowner responded, “Xlnt Tint is professional and informed us of our choices for treating our home.  They explained the products well and are very highly rated”.  Look at theses photos and see the dramatic difference residential window tint makes!!

C-35 Laurel Ext View

When deciding on residential window tinting for your home, consider the following;

  1. Is there a Homeowners association and do you need to be concerned about the exterior appearance of your windows after tinting?
  2. Do you want your windows to allow a great deal of visible light to pass through while still rejecting heat and UV?
  3. Do you have wood floors and fabrics at risk of fading if the windows are not treated?
  4. Does using a licensed contractor matter to you?
  5. Do you have areas in your home that are difficult to regulate the temperature in and do you have high energy bills?
  6. Are there areas in your home where large glass panes create a draft and additional insulation is needed?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, residential window tinting is an excellent solution.

XLNT Tint Window Tinting of Owings, MD has provided installation of window tinting for homes and commercial buildings throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area for more than 20 years.

Our window tint film is attractive, durable and energy efficient, reflecting solar energy heat in summer and keeping in heat in the winter.

Glass window film also reduces glare, blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, increases privacy and provides added security against break-in, vandalism and graffiti.

Learn More About XLNT Tint:

Our company is fully insured and is one of only a few licensed glass tinting contractors in the DC area. Please ask to see our references.

Contact XLNT Tint today at 410-257-5511, or browse the website for more information about our products and services.