Prince Frederick, MD – 3M Ultra Security Film for School Safety

Eric Hofer Security Window Film

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Prince Frederick, MD – 3M Ultra Security Film was applied to a new entrance at an existing school to reduce the risk of forced entry.  The 3M Ultra Security Film was applied to the inside surface of the entry door and side lights and attached to the frame with a silicone security attachment.  For this application, the school requested a tinted film so the 3M Ultra NV 25 was used to reduce glare and heat.

3M Ultra NV

3M Ultra NV for school

3M Ultra Security films have a unique construction with advanced protection.  When properly installed, these films hold shattered glass in place and retains it to the frame.   Typical storefront/entry glass is tempered.  Tempered glass is referred to as “safety” glass because when it breaks, it crumbles into tiny pieces, rather than breaking into sharp shards.  Unfortunately, this characteristic also makes it very easy for someone to gain entry, because when struck, it simply crumbles to the ground.  By adding a layer of 3M Ultra Security film with a silicone attachment, the tempered glass becomes a combined unit that deters forced entry.

3M Ultra Films are available in clear and tinted varieties and are tested for a variety of applications.

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