Xlnt Tint offers a wide variety of films and attachment systems to meet or exceed GSA blast criteria. Our safety and security films provide the strongest and most reliable coverage available.

Benefits of Safety Films

Safety & Security Window Films provide a protective barrier between the interior of your home or office building and exterior threats such as storms, natural disasters, forced entry or even terrorism attacks. These films, available in a variety of thicknesses and VLT’s, are designed to hold window glass fragments together, reducing potential injury and/or damage from flying shards of glass. The benefits of installing safety window films include:

  • Bomb blast mitigation
  • Acts as a hindrance to attempted break-ins or forced entry
  • Natural disaster mitigation; may reduce damage from earthquakes, high winds or violent storms

We carry a variety of state-of-the-art films, enabling you to select the one that best addresses your unique requirements. Protect your property from exterior threats with Safety & Security Film.

We install Safety & Security Window Films in several States including Maryland and Virginia. We provide Safety & Security Window Film installation for Washington DC, also. Our main office is based in Southern Maryland.

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