Upper Marlboro, MD – Church adds Solar Window Tint to reduce heat and glare!!!

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Upper Marlboro, MD – When the leaders of Westphalia United Methodist Church recognized that there large windows were allowing too much Solar Heat Gain and creating glare that was distracting for parishioners, they began looking for solutions. The huge windows, while attractive, were positioned so that the Heat, UV and Glare were directly effecting the occupants during scheduled services.  The screens that were used to project the words to the music could not be seen due to glare.  Members had to turn their heads sideways away from the pulpit to avoid the heat.  There was just no way they could continue. They found there answer in Solar Window Tint.

Solar Window Tint Church


Solar Window Tint was applied to all interior glazing in the sanctuary.  A very dark reflective film was chosen to ensure the maximum heat rejection and glare reduction.  The results were astonishing.  Glare reduction of more that 80%.  Solar Heat Gain reduced to .21%.  UV reduction of 99%!  Now the congregation is protected and the sanctuary is a comfortable place for all to enjoy.  Solar Window Tint is available in many varieties.  Trust your decision to a Window Film Professional.

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Our window tint film is attractive, durable and energy efficient, reflecting solar energy heat in summer and keeping in heat in the winter.

Glass window film also reduces glare, blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, increases privacy and provides added security against break-in, vandalism and graffiti.

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