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Eric Hofer Construction Window Film

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Washington DC – Construction Window Film!!  Commercial renovations often are unsightly and involve heavy demolition.  This can be an issue for establishments that want to remain open and continue to seem inviting.  When the construction is at the first floor storefront, this can be more of an issue as patrons and passerby’s can easily perceive the process as a complete “Mess”.  For years this was solved by taping up paper and even using special paints to cover glass.  Unfortunately, these applications make properties look like they are closed or “out of business”.  When asked to provide a solution for the St. Gregory Hotel in Washington DC during their renovation, Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic proposed using “Construction Window Film” to block the work going on behind the storefront glass.  Construction window film is a uniform, white matte, blocking film that is easily removed up to 8 months after application.  Rather than appearing to be hastily applied as a buffer, it looks like a professional application that has  a soft appearance.  In addition to the decorative appearance, construction film has the benefit of transmitting visible light rather than blocking it.  This is a tremendous benefit to the people working inside.  Construction window film is available in white or black and is designed to be an economical yet appealing solution to vision blocking during construction.

Xlnt Tint Window Tinting specializes in Commercial applications and designing solutions to commercial window film needs.  Contact Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic at 410-257-5511 for more information.

Xlnt Tint has been installing window film Nationally since 1988 and has installed window film on more than 8000 homes and has over 50,000 satisfied customers!!!  Xlnt Tint is a licensed and ensured Commercial and Home improvement contractor and carries an Advanced Solar Certification from the International Window Film Association.