What is window film?
Window film is made of extruded polyester that is made up of multiple layers to create many different styles and colors of films. For instance a Ceramic Film is made up of many layers that include UV inhibitors, weather able polyesters, non reflective sputtered ceramics, and strong laminating adhesives.

Other methods are using sputtered metals to make a film reflective and perform in a different way.

How Is Window Film Made?
Our films are made in state of the art manufacturing facilities. They are ISO 9001 certified and have the highest clean room environments.

All films are scanned by high-resolution lasers to ensure consistency and even coatings throughout the process.

Window Films Work?

  • Offer 99.9% UV Protection (UV A & B)
  • Reduction of Fading
  • Reduction of Solar Heat Gain
  • Reduction of Heat Loss
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • SPF Rating of Greater Than 200
  • Less Strain on HVAC Systems
  • Lower Energy Costs Year Around