Window Tinting for Privacy (Facts and Myths), Upper Marlboro, Md

Eric Hofer Privacy Window Tint

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Xlnt Tint seeks to answer common questions about what window films can, and cant do.  With regards to Privacy, here is what Tinting windows CAN DO;

  1.  Window Tinting can be used for TOTAL privacy by obscuring vision completely.  This is accomplished by applying “frosted” or “opaque” window films.  The selection of these films should be made with a professional, as dark films can have a negative effect on glass.
  2. Window Tinting can be used for ONE WAY privacy (seeing out but blocking vision in) using reflective films.  The caveat here, is that the reflection reverses to the interior when lights are brighter inside.
  3. Window Tinting can be used for PARTIAL privacy, using dark films without reflection.  In this case, there is vision both directions but it is limited by diminished light transmission.  These films should be recommended by a professional

Window Tinting CANNOT be used for one way vision under all circumstances.  Contact Xlnt Tint Window Tinting at 410-257-5511 for more information